As millennials leave behind boomers to become the largest adult generation, they redefine the business etiquette in several ways. 

Face-to-face interactions and even phone calls are not the desired mode of business communication anymore. Unsolicited business calls are considered a nuisance, and it is common for people to miss them on purpose. Texting is more in-sync with the fast, no-small-talk, and instant communication preferences prevalent among the millennials. WhatsApp Business API perfectly fills this need gap.

Modern businesses are utilizing WhatsApp Business API to revolutionize their customers’ experience.

For instance, South African companies that sell insurance, credit cards, and loans are notorious for making annoying, repeated, and unwanted telemarketing calls to their customers. Heita, a South African startup, has developed a robust way of instantly accessing medical aid quotes and is making its service more accessible, likable, and popular using WhatsApp Business API. 

Let’s find out how.

24×7 Availability

When a potential customer interacts with Heita over WhatsApp Business API, they can respond to their questions right away using an AI chatbot with pre-programmed messages. This instantly improves the speed, and therefore, the quality of customer experience. Besides, their system allows them to handle multiple customers simultaneously while being a bootstrapped startup.

No lead goes unnoticed, and no customer goes ignored at Heita.

Once the customer has all the essential information via the chatbot, the system redirects the chat to a customer service agent for further assistance. Therefore, the service agents get engaged only with a qualified lead, which maximizes hiring service agents’ ROI. 

Familiarity Helps Business

WhatsApp is available in more than 180 countries in 60 different languages. In South Africa alone, which has over 30 million internet users, 49% use WhatsApp, making it the most actively used app among messengers and social media. So, it is the most familiar interface in the country.

This familiarity makes it possible for potential customers to interact with Heita seamlessly – ask questions, make requests, and send feedback. Familiarity also breeds trust. Now, trust is a competitive advantage in the insurance industry and a goldmine for a startup.

Requires Zero Effort

Most businesses have an app today to connect with their customers, but customers are running out of space on their phones. So, the smartphone real estate is getting valuable, and only essential services find their way to it. That is one tough competition to beat.

On the other hand, despite being new, Heita does not need to invest in a new app or compete with other apps. WhatsApp Business API ensures that they don’t need to compete while staying connected with their customers. WhatsApp has 2 billion users, out of which 80% are active every month. These billions of people do not need to download another app to interact with businesses. This is convenient for Heita and its customers.

Not Intrusive

Unlike calls, texts are not intrusive. People can send texts at any time of the day, and the recipient can check them at their convenience. WhatsApp Business API empowers Heita to persistently upsell their services while steering clear of the “bad books” of customers. 

So, they are interacting with the customer without violating their privacy, which generates goodwill.

Final Thoughts

Heita, like millions of other businesses, is leveraging the benefits of WhatsApp Business API to accelerate their growth without having to accumulate more capital or employ more resources. They can service their clients like any big business, thereby ensuring that they become one too.

WhatsApp Business API requires development to be automated and integrated into existing systems and processes. At Ninety10 Software Solutions, we are geared with the right tools and knowledge to help you get your WhatsApp Business API setup.