We use the Agile Methodology to develop our software solutions, to deliver a finished product in the shortest possible time span. The methodology helps the development team maintain focus on rapid delivery.

The phases of the development process will be completed in sprints of 2 weeks. Sprints are used to continually develop software, by setting goals to be achieved at the end of each sprint.

After each sprint there would be a meeting between the development team and the client in which the team will reflect on how to become more effective and which goals needs to be achieved in the next sprint, after which they adjust their development plan accordingly.

Development Process

  • 1


    We will have meetings to discuss the goals of the system, and which approach to take in terms of technologies. If the client is happy with the development plan and the time in which the project should be completed, we will move on to designing the system.

  • 2


    In this phase we will focus on the User Experience. We will design a prototype that shows what the system will look like, which the end-users would interact with. If the client approves the design we will continue to the development phase, otherwise we will make the changes that the client requested before moving on.

  • 3


    This is the phase in which the building of the system would occur, ensuring the requirements of the client are fulfilled. We will set goals to be achieved after each sprint, that ensures that the development of the system stays on schedule.

  • 4


    This is one of the most important phases in developing the software. Testing does not only occur in one phase, but in each phase of the development process. This reduces the errors, and ensures the reliability of the software.

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    Delivery & Launch

    After the final testing has been successful, we will launch the system. It will then be available for the client to use and improve their business.